A watched pot never boils

The waiting game has begun. Everyone is holding their breath for Sara to come in season. She’s due in sometime in the next month or so, at which time I will drive her little red self to Colorado to meet up with her intended’s. This is going to be a dual sired litter, the information can be found HERE. I hope she will finish her AKC FCH before we have to make the trip, but if not then it will have to wait until this fall. There’s quite a list for this litter, lots of folks are waiting anxiously to see what will come of the tryst…….not to mention myself and the cobreeders, LOL. Her first litter was fantastic, one half of this planned breeding is a repeat of the first one. It will be very interesting to see if the new little ones will grow up with the same potential as the Muscle Cars

And there are some VERY exciting plans in the works for next year, for both Bo and Sonnet. As plans solidify I will post the details, but I don’t want to jinx anything right now.

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