You are what you eat

I know, strange title. But that’s what was said today as I grabbed my “lunch” at the local c-store. Since I was a bit more than curious, I asked what they meant. I should have NEVER done that. Turns out this person was a vegan (Bourdain had it right, they are the terrorists of the food world). I promptly got a lecture about the horrors of eating meat, how I should think of the animals, blah, blah, blah. Now, I have nothing against vegetarians, but I have no wish to be one. I am not going to tell someone they MUST eat meat, but they are not going to tell me I can’t. It’s called the food chain, even if you are a vegetarian, something still must die in order for you to live. And don’t give me that smarmy crap about how I am contributing to the abuse of animals in slaughterhouses. I raise my own meat or buy it locally raised still on the hoof. Yep, that’s right, I look my dinner in the eye before I eat it. And even worse (at least in the tree hugger “poor little animal” world), I HUNT some of my meat. Deer, turkey, quail, dove, rabbit and hare. It’s all good, but you have to get it first. The large majority of our population is so far removed from food and where it comes from, it’s simply unbelievable. Most folks have no idea about animal husbandry, the feeding, care, and slaughter of meat animals. It was common knowledge in times past, because everyone raised their food. You didn’t make a pet out of the pig, because he was going in the smokehouse at some point during the winter. Chickens provided eggs and fryers, and when too old to produce they became chicken soup. Calves were castrated and fed grain, and then became steaks. I am simply amazed at people now………….most have no idea where their food comes from, and only a very tiny majority have ever had a hand in the raising, finishing, slaughter and storage of meat animals. They think that the meat grows in those little packages at the store. Of course I don’t buy all the hype and hoopla about slaughterhouses either. There are surely one or two bad ones in the bunch, it’s that way in any industry, but I have been on the kill floor at a packing plant while production was going on. It’s cold and calculating, and done very efficiently. It’s certainly no place for someone with a weak stomach, but it’s not inhumane either. I have also had a hand in slaughtering hogs and steers, it’s something you just don’t think about when you are raised doing it, simply not a big deal at all. People buy into what they read, without ever researching it for themselves. Since they saw it on the internet, it must be true!

So whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore……….just remember that something else dies so that you can eat. No matter if it’s plants or animals, it was a living thing, and you are not morally superior to anyone else.

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