Bathroom remodel

This is what I started with. Ugly, ain’t it?

Here is where we are now……….

This is the exact same view as the “barbie pink” shot above. The toilet is in the lighted alcove to the left, the new vanity will occupy the space that the old shower was in.

Speaking of showers, this is the new one. 3 1/2 feet wide, 6 feet long. Dual head, bench, built in shelving and soap dishes. As you can see, the floor tile is down.

This is the glass block detail on the new shower. Since the shower tile is a dark blue, I wanted to open the shower up a bit, so you won’t feel so closed in. There is also a waterproof light in the ceiling of the shower.

Still lots left to do, but most of it is on hold until I get the tile in. The lower part of the walls will be beadboard panelling, painted a satin white. The wall color is a pale dove gray/blue. The ceiling has already been installed, white beadboard in a semigloss finish, with crown molding. New window has been installed (as you can see), the sill is in place and just needs to be painted. There will be a light over the vanity, but I haven’t found one I like yet. The vanity top will be tiled, matching the shower, white drop in china sink. I still need to hang the over-john cabinet, and there will be a vanity cabinet as well, as soon as I find one that suits me. None of the trim can be done until the tile is set, as the trim will go right up to it. I won’t do the floor until I am done tracking tile shards and adhesive everywhere from the shower. It’s going to be beautiful when I get it done. It’s not going fast enough to suit me, but my customers would be a bit peeved if I just worked on my house, and not theirs. It will get done soon enough.

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