Assorted Ramblings

The weather has officially turned weird. It’s been hotter than hell, which is normal, with a south wind that has been howling for weeks now (not normal). Now, tonite, the wind died completely, then flipped around from the north. The temp has dropped a welcome 15 degrees. But we never get a north wind in the summer, at least not until now. Weird, weird.

I leave for Ohio this coming Sunday. I am dreading the drive, but looking forward to visiting with Mary and Deb. I had hoped that Colleen could come over for a day or two, but alas her work schedule won’t permit it. We are making clandestine (not really, LOL) plans for her to come down this fall to visit. Hopefully it will all work out.

Sara is still showing no signs of coming in season, which figures, since it seems that everyone is waiting on her. The way I have it figured, she will either come in season while I am in Ohio, or time it so that she will need to be in Colorado while I am at one of the two big shows I entered next month. Why is it that they never come in season when you are waiting on them, but will immediately come in when it will inconvenience you the most? And since I am sitting on pins and needles for this litter (along with a whole bunch of other folks), she will drag this out as long as possible. Her last litter was just phenomenal. Two MBIF dogs, one BIF dog, another invited to the 2008 World Oval Racing Championships, one that was the winner of the 2007 NOTRA Nationals, two with AKC FC’s, three with ASFA FCH’s, one who needs 5 singles in the breed ring and has both of his AKC coursing majors. What more could you possibly ask for? So, I wish she would hurry up already. But she won’t. She will do it all in her own sweet time.

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