About Time

Too funny. Someone’s little rants got saved and posted elsewhere, to the amusement of many. It appears her keeper is keeping her mouth under control, it’s about time. Some of what was posted is beyond hilarious, and shows her complete lack of knowledge about what is actually going on around her. The puppy that was supposedly returned to another breeder because a third breeder “trashed the bloodlines”……….funny, the trashing that was going on was from the person who had the dog. How do I know this? Because I was a party to the whole mess, and saw each and every email. The super secret source in Texas who says that a littermate to a dog with problems is also a spook, but it’s a big secret and no one knows? That super secret source has already told you that it is NOT a secret that there is a spooky littermate, they have also told you that I discussed this with them long before you decided to get involved. Of course it doesn’t make for a good conspiracy when other folks already know about it, but you can keep on trying to create drama where there is none. It would seem you have enough drama in your life already, with all the people who are supposedly talking trash about your bitch. I say supposedly, because all I have ever heard anyone say is that the bitch is very fast.

And then we have the person who doesn’t want to honor a contract because I am being “mean”. It’s interesting to see how you are trying to twist things to suit your point of view. On one hand you INSIST that dogs should be placed with contracts, even though some of yours are most certainly placed without them. Then you squeal when someone else you dislike tries to enforce the very same thing you say you support. Bet that fence gets mighty uncomfortable. I have had enough private emails from reputable breeders, that this persons name is very well known. She will be extremely limited in where she will get dogs from in the future, and it won’t be from any breeder who has a contract. That leaves……..oh, you and a couple of other people you call “scumbags”. BTW, why don’t you broaden your vocabulary a bit? It’s hard to figure out just who you are talking about when you call everyone who doesn’t agree with you a scumbag. Surely you can find some other names to describe the people you don’t like, if you would just try.

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