Looks like you got away from your keeper again. One good thing came of it, you finally admitted in black and white that you GAVE me the dog. After all your convolutions and crazy tales, you finally put it out there. Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Of course I do realize it is hard to admit that you gave away the most titled dog that has ever been produced from your breeding program, but you have also openly admitted that he never would have gone as far as he did if he had stayed with you.

And here we go with the scumbag thing again. Can I have a different nickname, so that I will know for sure who you are trashing this time? Why is it that anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or that refuses to play along with your poor little me routine, immediately becomes a scumbag? Oh, you probably should also change the script your keeper gives you before you post it, since several sentences match exactly with the last communication I had with them several weeks back.

And, while it was a nice attempt at changing the subject, there are a large number of breeders who are still waiting for the explanation as to just exactly what the hell you thought you were doing trying to sneak around and help place a dog that you knew had a contract on it. You can dance and sing all you want, call names and try to sling insults, but at some point you are going to have to answer the question, as well as explain yourself. And I can assure you that the folks who want to know, will not accept “scumbag” as the reason. Of course, then they will be scumbags too. You can try to wash your hands of the situation, but that stain isn’t going to go away, and it has been noticed by far more people than you know.

Since you can’t seem to come up with any other insults on your own, might I suggest Thesaurus.com
That should make it much easier for you.

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