Work stoppage

My fencing project got rained out. And boy am I glad of it. We are so dry here, everything is shriveled up. Way behind on expected rainfall for the year, tanks are going dry, trees dropping leaves. So, if it wants to rain on my fencing project, it can go right ahead and do it. I can wait, the trees that need to be cleared aren’t going anywhere, and the chainsaw and tractor can just sit right where they are. It looks like the storm this morning is going to hold for a while, so maybe we will get a couple of badly needed inches.

It has also rained out my other project, which is two more new paddocks for the dogs. I have that fence up, but still need to build the gates and get the buildings set. And I DON’T CARE. We need the rain so badly, it doesn’t bother me a bit to shut down. Of course, I will have to wait a bit to weld again, since the ground will be damp, but that’s ok too.

I’m just glad we closed up my clients roof before this started. I thought we might get a storm, judging from the humidity and the number of gnats that were intent on annoying us, so I made damn sure we buckled it down tight Friday evening. Good thing we did, or we would be up there in this rain, trying to keep the rain out of the house.

This weather is very weird. We typically get no rain this time of year, but then again, we didn’t get rain when we normally do. Right now I will take whatever we can get, I will work around it.

And on another note, I now have two girls in season, so I am hoping that Sara won’t be far behind. And the big van comes out of the shop next week, with a new transmission, secondary cooler, new radiator, and a trans temp gauge so that I can keep an eye on what is going on. Finally. Of course, the bill is in the four figure area, but it’s about what I expected. At least now I am set to be able to pull the travel trailer without overheating the transmission. Next project, overhead A/C in big van.

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