A riddle for you

What’s orange and gray, and will clear fence lines like nothing you have ever seen?

A Stihl chainsaw, of course. The ONLY chainsaw worth having if you intend to really use it. If you just want to trim a few trees, anything will work, if you want to clear 1/3 mile of fence line in a day and a half, just anything will NOT work. One fence line done, two and a half to go. over 2 cords of wood came out of the trees I brought down that are in the line of fire for the new fence. Many more scrub trees and junk (not suitable to burn) trees came down and are waiting for the front end loader to come push them into a huge pile. And how can I forget the scads of flying cactus (related to the cholla family, only nastier) that were dug up, and the three stands of devils claw that just about ate us alive.

The back fence line should be easier to clear, except there is a ton of that damned flying cactus back there. I think I am going to put the blade on the tractor and see if I can beat some of it into submission before work starts. There is going to be a LOT of firewood coming out of that back fence, since there are several monster sized mesquite trees that must go away. I figure at least 4 cords of wood, and who knows how many trash trees. And the east fence line will probably provide at least that much wood, if not more. Some of these fences have mesquite trees over 12″ across grown into them, it hasn’t been touched in at least 30 years.

And as much as I dread the expense, I am going to have to buy a gallon of Reclaim, so that I can spray those damned cactus. I have the correct license to buy it (perish the thought that just *anyone* could buy it, gasp, they might……….kill brush! Oh, the inhumanity of it all!), but that crap is nearly $200 a gallon now. OUCH. However it WILL knock the cactus on its’ ass, and off of mine. It will also put a stop to the damned hackberry scrub that keeps popping up where it’s not wanted. Of course, it will kill any vegetation it touches, so I have to be careful about where it drifts. There are a couple of big trees that I want to save back there.

And I gotta get it in gear on the fences, I have a flock waiting for me to pick them up just as soon as I am ready. Oh, yum……………I can almost taste that fresh lamb now. No additives, preservatives or growth hormones……….just fresh, farm raised meat. Just like the beef in the freezer now (Dad won’t be chasing that sucker for jumping fences anymore) and the two hogs who have a date with destiny on the 9th. No weird shit there, just good stuff. After the sheep arrive, my next project is chickens, and a pair of peacocks, which I have always wanted. I have no idea if they will survive the dogs, hopefully they are smart enough to steer clear.

Anybody need some cactus? I have plenty, and it’s free.

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