Mechanical difficulties

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The tractor up and quit on me last night, with the auger in the hole. Spit, sputter, die. Would NOT start, nothing I tried worked. I gave up on it since it was getting dark and the skeeters were trying to carry me off. Started back fresh on it this morning, after calling the tractor-guru, my Dad. We came to the conclusion that something in the ignition system crapped. Simple enough, I will start with the two main components, a new battery and a new coil. Now, this is a 6 volt system, so you won’t be running down to the local auto supply and getting stuff for it, so off to Tractor Supply I went. Got myself (well, really, the tractor) a brand spankin’ new battery, and a new coil to go with it. I also found a really neat little 6v battery maintainer that is designed to stay hooked up all the time and regulates itself’, so no more dead battery. Put the new battery on, no joy, wouldn’t even fire. Took the old coil off, started to put the new one on…….FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE KEY. ZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAP! Sucker knocked me on my rear, literally. The coil doesn’t put out much in amperage (amps are dangerous), but the voltage will DAMN sure get your attention. I haven’t found my wrench yet, I don’t know where it went. Picked myself up and turned off the switch, hooked the coil up, key on, hit the starter, and she came to life. Back in business.

And when I arced it I must have reversed the polarity, because now my generator (the tractor has a generator instead of an alternator) has started working again for the first time in over two years. Weird, but I am not going to bitch about it.

Now I can get back to digging holes everywhere. The west fence is pretty well dug, I have to move one hole, but I still have lots of holes for the new dog paddocks and buildings, the sheep building, and the new gate entrance………..and the auger on the tractor should make short work of it. My tractor was made in 1951, which makes it 57 years old. If it wants to be cranky once in a while, it’s entitled. It burns a little oil, and leaks a little more, but if it’s well taken care of, it will last me the rest of my life. It was made before planned obsolescence came about, when equipment was expected to last, and do the job at hand. There are thousands more just like it out there, still working every day. Too bad they don’t make stuff like that anymore.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    heh heh heh – I’ll be 57 next month – then I’ll have an excuse to be cranky….from Colorado

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