Well, dammit all to hell

Foul mood today, very foul. If it could blow up, screw up, or break, it happened. Where to even start? First off, I blew a tire on the work truck. Not content with just screwing up the side of the truck, a chunk of belt flew up and hit the serpentine belt on the front of the motor, leaving me instantly stranded on the side of the road. And, of course, the tire size on the work monster is not one normally carried in stock, so I had to replace BOTH front tires. Thank goodness for tow trucks, even when the first one is too small to pick up the truck.

The next thing to fritz was work itself’. What started out as a pretty good sized re-plumb has now turned into the job from hell. Not only am I replacing both the hot and cold lines, but NOW we will be changing the entire sewer line under the house, installing new gas lines to replace the old, corroded ones, but we also have to cut out a large portion of the bathroom floors and replace them due to leaking toilets……….which means new vinyl flooring. And I despise putting that shit down. And, oh, did I happen to mention that there is NO clearance under this house, so I will be digging little trenches everywhere under there so I can clear floor beams and joists. And, naturally, the water and gas comes in at the front of the house……….and all the fixtures are in the back of the house. Lovely. Just what I wanted to do, remove the hide from my elbows and back while dragging myself under floor beams. And you can bet I will get stuck at least once. Happens every time I get into a really tight spot under one of these old houses around here. It should be a law that you can’t put a pier and beam house any closer than 18″ to the ground. Because at some point, SOMEONE is going to have to get under there.

And I got another animal control call today. A lady who thinks there is a skunk under her house. Well, it’s still there, because that is not my job. I find lots of critters under houses……snakes, spiders, scorpions, cats (both feral and tame), dogs, coons, possums………you name it, if it fits, I have seen it under there. And it’s not my job to get it out. Unless I have to remove it in order to work. Why do these folks think it’s my responsibility to remove the local wildlife from their property? Get a live trap, or get a gun, but don’t call me.

Let’s see, what else went to hell today…………the cordless drill crapped, I can’t find my extra SawZall blades, and someone stole my circular saw when I went to lunch. I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow holds………………..NOT.

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