Early Morning Yard Work

It’s a routine, every other morning. I get up early and take my coffee outside to water the flowers, trees, and shrubs. And, there are plenty of them. It usually takes me around an hour or so to make sure they are all well hydrated. We haven’t had any rain in quite some time, the yard is brown, and I won’t water it, but I will make sure my greenery survives. This morning I had to take a little longer, so I could plant my three new arrivals, “Maypop Passionvines”. They will be growing on the west fence of the new dog yard that was just completed. I already have some of these, but their weird, alien-like blooms are just beautiful, and the local bees love them, so why not. This morning also required the taking down and cleaning of the 13 hummingbird feeders I have located around the house. I love the little garden jewels, their aerial acrobatics are mesmerizing to watch. I normally see at least 30 around the house, with two resident pairs that stay year round.

I expect more new arrivals at the end of this month, my yearly order from Argyle Acres Iris Farm. I love the iris, and even have some rebloomers as well as some scented varieties. They are wonderful for this area, extremely hardy and not at all picky about where you plant them. Iris can be seen thriving at many old abandoned homesteads, untouched by human hands for many years. They don’t care about soil type or enrichment, do quite well with minimal watering, and can tolerate being ignored just fine. They are very drought tolerant, and love full sun. Mine sure put on a show every year. Of course the new ones won’t bloom next year, they will be too young yet, but the year after I should start seeing what they look like for real. I also have some new crinums coming in, these are the scented “Candy Stripe” variety. I have one of these by the front porch, and when it blooms you can smell it in the house.

If I keep this up, I am going to need a bigger yard. Folks ask me how many and what I have, and I never really thought about it until now, but here’s the tally:
Crepe Myrtles 12, Mimosa treelings 2, Desert Willow treelings 2, Hardy Hibiscus 5, Huge bed of Cannas, Datura 1, Pomegranate bushes 2, Southern Magnolia 1, Hybrid Poplar 1, Crinums 10, Althea 8, Roses 9, Lilac bush 1, Wisteria 1, Honeysuckle bush (yes, BUSH) 1, Blackberry creepers 9, Photinia’s 5, three beds of Daylilies, two fences with Passionvines on them, four fences with multiple colors of Morning Glories, four beds of Iris, two Carolina Jasimines, French Hollyhocks, Resurrection Lilies, Amaryllis, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Grape Hyacinth, Gladiolus, Sweet Williams, Snapdragons, and two unidentified plants….one a variegated creeping groundcover with a beautiful purple bloom, and a rambler with lovely yellow blooms. And that’s not counting the huge pecan trees around the house, or the native Hackberry and Mesquite trees.

And I wonder why my water bill is ridiculous. I think I need to see about drilling a well.

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