Well, Finally!!!

Sara has decided to grace us with her season. So, I will be taking a road trip in the next 10 days or so, so she can meet up with her intends. She certainly strung us all along for quite some time. Puppies will be expected early in October. I know of several people (besides myself and Tom and KC), who will be thrilled with the news. She just about had us fooled into believing she was going to skip a season.

You can tell she is pretty relaxed about the whole thing 🙂

I also got out this morning and took a couple of photos in the yard, the Hardy Hibiscus are showing off right now:

Hardy Hibiscus “Disco”

Hardy Hibiscus “Plum Crazy”

The Althea (Rose Of Sharon, Rose Mallow) are also blooming like mad. I love this lavender colored one, but I also have white, burgundy, and yellow.

And the bedbug infestation is growing……..It’s almost as if they are trying to take up as much space as physically possible. This happens at night too, so I wind up sleeping in three square inches of my own bed, while the two girls and one cat have the rest. Something is not right here.

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