Sometimes, you just wonder. I got a call from my housekeeper today while I was at work. She wanted to know if the towels in the dining room needed to be washed, or just folded and put away. I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about, since there weren’t any towels there when I left for work, and no one else had been there. I told her to leave them where they were so I could figure out what was going on when I got home. Now, I don’t ask her to do laundry when she comes, never have, but she is a wonderful find, and her twice weekly visits make my life much easier. Welllllll, but the time I got home, the towels had moved into my bedroom. Which solved the mystery. One of the sisters figured out that the linen closet wasn’t closed, so they decided that the towels needed to go for a walk. I don’t know which one, and they aren’t talking. So, I washed the towels and put them away, again. And I made sure the linen closet door was closed. Sometimes I wish I could understand what goes on in those pointy little heads. And then I decide that I really do not want to know.

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