Quest for project completion

My list is shrinking, very slowly. Today I finally managed to blow the insulation in the attic, and it was sorely needed. This house is nearly 80 years old, and I guess the former owners saw no need to keep the cool air inside in the summer. Nothing between us and a hot attic besides a one inch thickness of board and a little sheetrock. That has now been remedied, with 25 bales of blown cellulose insulation blanketing the attic. Of course, by the time I came down, it was also blanketing me. I bore a strong resemblance to the Abominable Snowman. I had my respirator on, so my son pointed out that I actually looked like a white, fuzzy, Darth Vader. Sounded like him too.

I also finished the new frame for my bed, and did the final assembly. It looks good, I am happy. And that’s what counts. I also FINALLY found the tile for the bathroom floor. I have been hunting for quite some time to find something that will compliment the blue tile in the shower, but the latest home trends are for earthtones, NOT what I want in a bathroom with blue tile. I got lucky, the big box store with the orange aprons had a tile pattern I liked, and better yet, it was on sale. So I got what I wanted, for less that .99 a square foot. I see tile work in my near future, as soon as I return from Colorado. Then I can complete the bathroom……..beadboard on the walls with a tile finish edge, new vanity and light, new cabinetry (still have to build that), and the final trim work. Whew, this project has taken on a life of its’ own. But it will be such an improvement over what was here, which was ugly to the ninth power, and not at all practical. I will post finished photos as soon as I have them.

Let’s see, what else? The posts are now set for the shelter in the new paddock that is going up, and the posts are also set for the sheep barn. I am finally finished digging post holes. The new gate entrance is ready to fence, and I will soon be ready for the Dorpers.

And I refuse to start any more projects until the ones I have already started are done. So there.

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