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Sand, Sun, Saltwater

I’m gonna warn you right up front, this is a fairly long vacation trip report, with plenty of pictures to go along with it 🙂 We saw plenty of other interesting things that we didn’t get pictures of, but I … Continue reading

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Safely Home

A full report to follow. The trip was without incident, other than us getting minorly misplaced at one point on the return trip. Fun was had by all, many fish were caught, much sunburn was had, and boy, do I … Continue reading

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Do you hear a sucking sound? Well, you will. It’s the void that will be created by yours truly and the number one son as we get the hell out of town tomorrow night. Moving at the speed of light, … Continue reading

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A big old raspberry to the folks who handle the ACT website. I have been trying all evening to get the number one son registered for the upcoming ACT tests. Kinda important, what with him being a senior and all. … Continue reading

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Just when it looked like our long-awaited trip was going to be in peril, it wasn’t. Calls to both State Parks today confirmed that they are open and ready for business. HappyHappyJoyJoy! The kind Ranger at Goose Island told me … Continue reading

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Just one word

This one looks like fun too………a One Word Questionnaire Answer each of the following questions with one word: 1. Where is your cell phone? Holster2. Your significant other? None3. Your hair? Short4. Your mother? Missed5. Your father? Wonderful6. Your favorite … Continue reading

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It’s an invasion, or at least it seems that way. The problem is, I can’t SEE the aliens, but the dogs can. Ever since the sun went down, almost like clockwork, every hour the dog alarm goes off. ALL of … Continue reading

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