Thought for the day

Bullet placement trumps both mass and velocity.

In case you were wondering. It was pointed out to me this weekend that some of the windows in the hotel I was at were not lockable (broken). Hmmmmm………..let’s see. I have two 100 pound dogs in the room with me, and I never travel unarmed. Ever. Period. Somehow I can’t see a burglar making it through the window, falling into the crate I have just below the window, and then actually getting within physical reach of where I am before I can put a stop to whatever evil they have in mind. And before you start, I am not an “armed redneck”, I am a protected citizen. My Constitution ensures this right. And it’s my responsibility to ensure my safety, that duty falls to no other. That being said, if you should choose to carry, carry responsibly, and get the training you need to ensure you can put your weapon to use if needed.

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