Wowza! Talk about a handsome young man. Baron (Rose Hill Master Of His Domain), owned by Colleen Thiboutot at 7 months old. That’s one RED dog. He’s already shown interest in the lure, has started working on his agility, and will soon enter the show ring. A one trick pony he is NOT.
His dams litter sister Sara is that same bright red. Colleen didn’t want a brown dog, and she didn’t get a brown dog. Screamin’ ass red, pretty white markings, all on one lovely dog. He’s got full dentition and a scissor bite, and some really dark eyes. Going to be quite the traffic stopper when he gets a bit older. And look a the length on that tail!

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2 Responses to Handsome

  1. Decided to visit your website again and get a Borzoi fix. Pleasantly surprised at the blog.

  2. Colleen says:

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful compliments on Baron! Thank you, Sherita for letting Baron come east & be part of our family. Baron is such a COOL dog and is everything and more than I expected. He is a lot of fun and we look forward to a promising future with him in on the field and in the ring!

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