Thank you AT&T

You SUCK. Since AT&T bought out my cell carrier, the service has gone steadily downhill. You can’t talk to a human in the evenings now, it’s phone tree hell to get through during the day with long ass wait times, only to be hung up on. Now for their newest trick, they revamped the online login for account access. Account access which I am now locked out of, because I have no access code. The reason I have no access code is because they deleted it when they “updated”, so it no longer exists. But I have to have it to login. Which I can’t do because I don’t have it. One of their brilliant phone jockeys today suggested that I login and change it. Do you see the problem with that? He hung up on me when I pointed out his error.

They have also arbitrarily started re-arranging my contract to suit them, eliminating options that I pay for every month, then getting pissy when I catch them at it and make them put it back. Their new phone support idiots do not speak English as their primary language, and can only read from the script put in front of them. Cellular One was a much better company, and certainly more service oriented. AT&T wants me to sign one of their contracts, a contract which gives me fewer minutes for more money, and eliminates my early nights and weekends, and charges me a ton more for the phone my son carries. Since I won’t sign, they seem determined to annoy the shit out of me until I do. I won’t sign, but what I will do is change carriers just as soon as this contract expires. And until then I will continue to give them all the bad publicity I can. Their favorite phrase is “I can’t help you with that”, followed immediately by “let me transfer you”, which is a euphemism for we are now going to hang up on you, because we are idiots and have no idea how to deal with this issue. Asshats.

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