Had a visitor today:

It was not amused. I had to remove it from the number one dog paddock. Of course, I didn’t know it was there until I looked out the back door and saw all the dogs staring at something on the ground. Needless to say, I RAN. When I got close, I could hear what I thought was a rattler. Then I finally saw it, as it lunged at one of the dogs. Bull snake, big one, and thoroughly pissed off. They have a bifurcated glottis, so when they hiss, it rattles, just like a rattler. This fellow was beyond peeved, ready to take it out on me, and big enough to do it. Around five and half feet of teeth and scales. Finally got him (her? guess it only matters to another snake) captured, took the picture in the driveway, before releasing it in the back of the field. These are VERY good snakes to have around. Non-venomous, but they will damn sure make you hurt yourself trying to get away from them. They put on a very good show, and will not hesitate to chomp on you if you get close enough and persist in irritating them. But, they are really harmless, eat lots of vermin, and are rumored to eat rattlesnakes. Anything that eats rattlesnakes is a GOOD THING as far as I am concerned. He was released, then chased me back to the truck, just to let me know he was tired of my ass. Point taken, I was pretty tired of him too. Ever tried wrestling with five feet of pure muscle? At one point I wasn’t quite sure who had whom.

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