Stupid people

I have heard the vast majority of the population called “sheeple”, because of the herd mentality. Whatever one does, the rest do, without fail and most often without reason. Today, the great gasoline freak out. Yes, there is a hurricane, yes, it is coming towards Texas, but no amount of excuses or explaining will reason out the .50 to over $1.00 jump per gallon of gas that happened today. It won’t explain WHY IN THE HELL people several hundred miles from the hurricane had to freak the hell out and run to the gas stations. Lines all the way out in the roads, up the streets, people fighting for position. For shits sake people. All the publicity is trying to accomplish is to scare the shit out of people, AND THEY ARE FALLING FOR IT!!! And lets not forget the first class idiots that were stocking up on ice. They LIVE here. WE do NOT have a hurricane coming, we are hundreds of miles from it. Absolute idiocy.

And while we are on the subject, perhaps someone would like to explain the price hike…….for gas that was purchased before the refineries shut down? This gas was delivered LAST WEEK. Gas that the hurricane has had NO EFFECT ON??? Price gouging assholes. There is rumor that prices are being monitored, and any gouging will be punished. Sure it will. Since the money lines the pockets of the hat wearing assholes ruining this country, I rather doubt that anything will be done, other than make a bit of noise, just to placate the sheeple. And when the next hurricane comes, they will drag out the same damned cue cards, and the sheeple will act like they have never heard any of this before. It’s enough to make you run down the street, screaming and pulling your hair out. Except you can’t, the streets are blocked by dumbass people trying to get into the gas stations. Sheeple.

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