Today was it

I finally hit the wall. Enough already. I was called for an estimate, water damage in the bathroom and kitchen. As soon as I walked in the house, I knew this was the one that would just throw the brakes on. I have never in my life had my eyes burn when walking into a clients house, at least not until today. Cat piss. LOTS of cat piss……..everywhere. In a CARPETED house. No. I won’t. I refuse. I wouldn’t even give an estimate. And the homeowner (cat collector?) had the nerve to accuse me of being an animal hater. It was so bad my eyes burned from the urine. Just no. Period.

I do not have a weak stomach. I worked as a paramedic for damn near 10 years. I have seen all manner of nasty, I have had it on me, and I know that humans are biodegradable. I think cat piss is just at a whole ‘nother level.

What is wrong with people? Just because you have animals does not mean you have to live like one. Clean the shit up. Don’t let them pee in the house, no matter the species, that’s what a litterbox is for. And if you decide that living ankle deep in cat piss is acceptable, then don’t expect me to fix your house. Needless to say, the conversation between myself and the insurance adjusted who called me was quite interesting. And I still won’t do it. The don’t have enough money to convince me to pull that carpet. HELL no.

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