Saturday off

Yeah, right. The to-do list is a humongous beast, and it just keeps growing. Let’s see:

return scaffolding to local rent-all: check
lay new tile in bathroom: check
fix water heater door on travel trailer: check
install tow mirrors on van: semi-check, one down, one to go
fix broken latch in trailer bathroom: check
mow lawn……….sure. I need a scythe, swather and bailer. Sheesh. I have got to fire up the trusty Massey tomorrow, before I start loosing things in the high grass. Like my flatbed trailers.

Tomorrow promises to be busy too. I have to grout the new floor in and reset the terlit, we are currently relegated to the trailer for personal hygiene, and it’s getting old. That grass has GOT to be mowed. I need to get that other mirror on the van (more cussing to ensue, I am sure). And I have need to groom two of the furballs who rolled in the mud. Oh, I also need to get the neighbor up the street to bring the front end loader so we can relocate the flex base into the driveway, where it belongs, instead of behind the shop, where it doesn’t. There is also dog bedding that smells like, well, dogs. It needs to be washed and hung out to dry. Dead fuzzy guts are scattered about the paddocks, it looks like it snowed, so I gotta get that picked up. And one of the neatly stacked piles of firewood decided to succumb to gravity, so not it’s not neat, and it’s not stacked. That’s got to be remedied. No way it’s all going to get done. Any idea where I get my hands on a 36 hour day? Sure could use one.

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