It’s an invasion, or at least it seems that way. The problem is, I can’t SEE the aliens, but the dogs can. Ever since the sun went down, almost like clockwork, every hour the dog alarm goes off. ALL of the dog alarms go off. And I trudge outside again, flashlight and firearm in hand, prepared to do battle…with *nothing*. Maybe that’s why they call them sighthounds, they can see shit you can’t. The problem is, even if I reset the alarm, it goes off again with the next invasion.

And can SOMEONE please explain to Bean that my stainless CZ 75B 9mm is NOT a dog toy. She saw it and said “WANT”. Sorry kiddo, you gotta stick to gutting stuffies. If this thing goes bang, you are NOT going to like it. She was equally determined a couple of days ago when she caught sight of my Winchester 12ga. Defender, then determined it was evil when I touched it off, sending another skunk (stunk?) to the next plane. Yes, I know it was overkill, the damn thing is loaded with 00 buckshot, but the 20ga. and the .22 rifle were at the other end of the house, and I was too lazy to walk way back there.

And to the nut who emailed me last time I posted about guns……..go pound sand. If guns cause crime, then firefighters cause fires. Guns are not evil. They are inanimate objects, and they completely lack the ability to just jump the hell right off the floor and shoot someone. Idjit.

BTW, did you know that if you shoot a small rattlesnake at close range with a 12ga. loaded with 00 buckshot, you have nothing left but a tail and a crater? Nothing but pink mist.

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1 Response to ALIENS!

  1. Dead People. Not aliens. “I see dead people”. (my brother gets credit for that… his lab sees dead people);-)

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