Just when it looked like our long-awaited trip was going to be in peril, it wasn’t. Calls to both State Parks today confirmed that they are open and ready for business. HappyHappyJoyJoy! The kind Ranger at Goose Island told me that she regretted it, but we would have to move to the wooded area, since the bay sites were damaged by the surge………or, if I wanted, they could cancel the reservations. Hell, I don’t care if we are in the primitive area, just gimme a place to park my rig, and I will be one very happy camper (literally). No need for primitive camping, she says, I will just move your reservations over to the wooded site. (SMILE). Not that I would worry about it anyway, the trailer is self contained and I have a generator, so I can sure make primitive work. Mustang Island also confirmed my reservations, and since there is only one place for travel trailers (and others who want water/elec connections), nothing has changed there at all, except we will be moved a bit east. Oh, damn, what punishment……….to move us to within walking distance of Fish Cut Pass, some of the best fishing out there. Sigh, I am sure we can manage, if we must (insert maniacal giggle here).

And I just talked to a buddy of mine that lives down there, he says there are some MONSTER reds running right now, the specks are hitting anything that moves, and the gafftop are in close and feeding. Man, I want to get OUT of here and on the road. Wonder if anyone would notice if I skipped out early? I sure wish I could, but since the son is coming with me (and is VERY excited about this trip with his “un-cool” Mom, which is pretty……….cool), I better stay put till Friday night. But then I am GONE.

I started loading the van and trailer yesterday, and I will spend Thursday evening cooking some goodies to go with us. You might say I am as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. This is a non-dog, non-working, totally self-absorbed, “all about us”, vacation. The first in many years. And I intend to enjoy it, no matter what may come our way while we are out and about. This is my last chance to take a vacation with my son before he graduates and heads off to college, we are going to make the most of it. He was very little the last time we went to the coast, and has no memory of it. This will be a memorable trip for both of us. And Friday just can’t get here fast enough 🙂

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