Do you hear a sucking sound? Well, you will. It’s the void that will be created by yours truly and the number one son as we get the hell out of town tomorrow night. Moving at the speed of light, or at least as fast as the big ole white van can go. The trailer is pretty much loaded except for the coolers. I will fuel up in the morning, check all eight tires, check fluids, dump and flush the waste tanks and fill up with fresh water. A quick trip to the grocery store and the bank, and we will be ready to roll. This time tomorrow night will find us on the road somewhere between here and there. The plan is to drive as far as I can, find a wally world and catch a few zzzzz’s, fix coffee and breakfast, then roll on into Rockport somewhere around noon-ish on Saturday. Set the trailer up and get busy vacationing. I suspect the trailer setup will occur at near warp speed, as we race one another to be the first with a hook in the water. Voice mail gets changed tomorrow, and I am not answering the phone for anyone I don’t know. We are as ready as we can be, just watching the clock. See ya’ll in 10 days.

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