Go Speed Racer!

We have a bit of a bitch-fest going on one of the other forums I hang out in, just for rv’ers. Seems those of us who are careful when towing or driving are making some other folks just nuts. One fellow had the nerve to DEMAND that everyone drive at the speed limit, so they wouldn’t hold him up. Well, two words………..tough shit. Each person who is towing a trailer or driving an RV should drive in a manner that they are comfortable (as long as it is within legal parameters). Take me, for instance. My van and trailer are happiest at 60. I am happy at 60, since I am rolling down the road with a trailer that damn near outweighs my tow vehicle. I also travel a good bit on two lane roads, so I tend to gather up cars behind me. IF, and only IF, I can find a safe place to pull to the right so they can pass, I will. Otherwise, they can either stay behind me, or use those neato little yellow dotted lines that tell you when you can pass. Any four wheeler is more nimble and agile than my 50 foot long rig, and I am not in the least bit prone to try to speed up when they are passing.

One thing I can guarantee you, sitting behind me and stewing, or tailgaiting me, will NOT make me go one mile per hour faster than I feel I can safely drive my rig. And don’t do something stupid like cut in front of me and slam on your brakes. The only point you are making when you do that is to prove you are far too damned dumb to understand the basic laws of physics. Your itty bitty car probably weighs somewhere between three and four thousand pounds (maybe), you are playing rolling roadblock with a vehicle four times longer than you, that weighs nearly 14,000 pounds. I CANNOT stop as fast as you can, but I can damn sure run over your little plastic car when you try that shit.

So folks, if you come up behind an rv’er that is going slower than you, show a bit of patience. We can’t accelerate like you, we can’t stop like you, and we most certainly will be slowing down going up hills. Go around if you can, if you can’t then stay safely back where I can see you. If I know you are there, I will try as hard as I can to scoot over so you can go on your way, but don’t expect me to drag six thousand pounds of trailer over on a soft shoulder because you are in some big effing hurry. Because I won’t. If you are courteous to us, we will return the same. Remember, the roads are for all of us, not just you.

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