LIck, lick, lick

Four days and counting down. Sara is obsessively cleaning herself from one end to the other. You wouldn’t think it would be loud, but after a few hours it starts to drive you nuts. Every day when I get up it looks like she has expanded even more, her tuckup is completely gone, belly hanging low. It won’t be much longer, thank goodness. She wants to stay in her whelping box now, and not hang out around the house. She is nesting a good bit, moving blankets around, and made two Sara-holes in my bed comforter before she moved into her box. At least I was smart enough to have one of my three “junker” bedspreads on the bed, instead of my duvets. The next four days are going to go very sloooowwwwww.

She had a very easy delivery last time, and I expect the same. But you can bet that my vet has been notified of her due date, and I have his cell number so I can reach him at any time. He’s a most wonderful vet, and won’t question me if I say we need a section NOW. Since the litter is dual sired, I sure hope we see some spotted pups in there when they come. Blogging will be light once the litter gets here, but I will be sure to post pictures 🙂

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