Did you ever notice………

That the fastest way to get your bitch to come into labor is to call the vet early in the morning. She will start 10 minutes after you call out the calvary.

That puppies will discover how to bark at 3am. And then practice till the alarm goes off.

NOTHING will remove the stains from whelping. Period.

That if your bitch needs a c-section, it will occur in the middle of the night, when no techs are available for surgery assist.

That you don’t concern yourself with the sight of your bitch on the table with her uterus exposed, but then spend the next two weeks freaking out every time she moves around.

And that your bitch doesn’t seem to realize that her insides were outsides a couple days ago.

That there is always one puppy in the litter that is determined to climb the mountain that is its’ dam……..and then promptly yell blue murder when stuck on the other side.

That a bitch in a whelping box, that is surrounded by a four foot expen, can reach stuff that is six feet away.

That the stuff that they reach are really things you did NOT want in a box full of puppies and a bitch with post whelping discharge?

You never thought you would be GRATEFUL to write a check with four digits south of the decimal point. But you are.

That a box full of happy puppies sounds a little like a small swarm of bees.

And that you could waste all day watching them……….

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