Project Completion!

The bathroom project is finally DONE! It turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. If you remember, we started with this:

This view is straight in from the door. Please notice the sink to the left. What you cannot see is that next to the sink is the exposed water heater. Take note of the ugly shower and curtain, and let’s not even discuss the toilet and wall.

Here’s what I have NOW. Taken straight in from the door:

The toilet is in the far left corner. The shower (remember the construction post? It’s HERE). Is directly to the left, you can see the bathmat in the photo. To the right, there is a linen closet, but it’s not in the picture at all. The floor is italian tile, the shower and the vanity top are special order italian pool tile, it should last forever. Real wood beadboard wainscoting halfway up the walls, and on the ceiling, solid oak vanity. Every time I see the room, it’s hard for me to believe that it used to be this ugly, barbie pink monstrosity. And remember that ugly sink in the picture…….it’ was replaced with this:

Next room…………………..hall and dining room. That will get done this winter.

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