The pups are growing like little weeds. They are starting to toddle about and spend a lot of time practicing their barks and growls, pretending to be big tough dogs. Hard to believe that they will be three weeks old on Wednesday, and starting solid food soon. They are sixteen days old in this picture:

I had the first one over the side of the box last night (10/26) so I will be raising the box sides today. Sara has them on a schedule now, not that they are thrilled with it. As with most puppies, they think they should nurse all the time, Momma says no.

This Wednesday (10/29) they will get their microchips and samples taken for DNA testing. Tom, KC, and I still keep guessing if there are any Ambassador pups in there. The lack of spots does not exclude him as a sire. I sure hope there is at least one or two, I know Tom and KC would be thrilled, and so would I. We will find out in about six weeks.

And I am now on high alert for Sonnets heat, the boys are sure interested in her. Hopefully she won’t drag this out too long.

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