I think not

My current job is the removal of an older A-frame house from a property. The property belongs to two older sisters, they are very nice folks and they are moving here to be closer to their father in his elder years. My responsibility is to tear the home down, and the agreement is that I get to salvage all the lumber and anything else I want from it (water heater, cabinets, etc). The fellow across the street seems to think HE is entitled to something. He first contacted the sisters about the lumber, then when they told him no, they spoke with the Father, who told him to talk to the sisters. So then he tried ME. This fool had the nerve to come on my job site and lie, telling me that the sisters had given him permission to take the lumber as I tore the house down. Like I don’t have the phone number for my clients. A quick phone call ensured that he had not been given permission for anything, so No Trespassing signs went up. And he went up in flames. He decided that the thing to do was act like an idiot, get mad and start yelling at me about how “he was supposed to get that stuff”, and generally making a fool of himself. Now, I have no intention of wasting my time dealing with him, so I made one call………..to the police. He has now been officially warned to stay off of the property, and I filed a complaint on behalf of the sisters, since I am their appointed representative in the matter. Needless to say, we locked the place down tight last night, and left NOTHING on site that could be carted off. Why this fellow decided that he was entitled to stuff that is not his, I do not know. But I do know that I won’t fool with him, I will just have his crazy ass arrested if he sets foot on the property again. And I wish the sisters luck, since they will be living right across the street from him.

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