One last time

The waiting game begins, again. I was glad to find out that at coming 8 years old, Mir is still able to cover naturally. He has been bred to a lovely bitch with a complimentary pedigree, puppies will be expected right after Christmas. He’s a bit slower, and tires more easily, but got the job done with the same aplomb he always has. I look forward to seeing the pups when they come, and choosing my stud fee pup when they are old enough. I also am really looking forward to the fact that I don’t have to whelp them, LOL. This will be his last litter. I do have him on ice, in the event that I want to use him again at some point in the future.

Still waiting on Sonnet to come in season, hopefully she will hold off a couple more weeks, the the timing would be perfect.

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