What a weekend!

Left out Thursday morning headed over to the LKC trial in Bush, Louisana. That’s one mother of a long drive, just over 13 hours. The beautiful scenery more than made up for it. I have never been into deep southern Louisana, and I have to say I was just mesmerized. I saw my first “non-caged” alligators, including one that was cruising across the road. I thought it was a tire tread until it got up and walked off (it was dark), so it took a second for my brain to parse what I was seeing……….my first response was “what the hell???” I stayed with good friends Julie and Gerry, they put Sandra and I up for the weekend, and sent me home with some lovelies (more on that in a moment).

This was a three day AKC trial, with majors in Borzoi all three days. Hemi took the major on Friday and Saturday, and Booker took the major on Sunday with one point going to Hemi. Sonnet was out of the competition on Saturday after she ripped a nail completely out in prelims. Ripley got her JC, but was a bit too interested in the other dogs on the field, so I need to do a bit more work with her. Hemi blew both rears pads in finals on Sunday, but now only needs one point to complete his DC. Sandra’s boy Vger had a lovely BIF run on Saturday and won all the marbles. I won a HUGE box of Canidae dog biscuits in the raffle, and a lovely little pair of binocs. Betsy Tolley was there with her two Mir sons, Amras and Tex. Tex is getting the running thing figured out, and Amras has got it figured out. He looks so much like his sire, quite the handsome fellow. It was great to see them both, they looked wonderful. The dogs munched on yummy biscuits all the way home, even Booker, who is not much of a “cookie” fan.

And I have to tell you about the food…………………..it was SO good. Red beans and rice on Friday, pit cooked pig on Saturday (ABSOLUTELY, INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!), and chicken and shrimp gumbo on Sunday. They damn sure know how to feed people there. I judged on Friday and Sunday, and had a lot of fun doing it. I can’t wait to go back again. Great dogs, friends, food, and fun. It was a real blast.

Now, for my new lovelies. Julie sent me home with a pair of Lady Gouldian Finches and a stunning male Red-cheeked Cordon Blue. They are settled in and doing nicely. Already occupying themselves with throwing seeds on my desk. Silly little birds.

Also, Comet won both the LGRA and NOTRA nationals this weekend. He is from the first Kazan x Sara litter (the Muscle Cars), and his litter sister Shelby finished a respectable 4th, to complete her GRC title. They are littermates to Hemi. GO MUSCLE CARS!

You just might say it was a VERY good weekend. The drive home kicked my ass, so I am off for a shower and bed. I will post pictures of the new residents later.

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