I know, I know

I have been remiss in posting pictures of the babes. Up until now, they resembled guinea pigs, so it was pretty pointless. Now, they look like dogs…………little squirmy dogs that won’t stand still. I hope to get photos tomorrow, when I have some help. Busy little beasties they are. Weaning is well under way, they are putting the food down. Of course you would think they are starving when they see Sara. Little liars, tummies so loaded down with food they can hardly walk, but screaming at Mom. Sara is smart enough to know better, so that makes things a bit easier.

The floor in the puppy pen shelter is formed in and re-mesh is set. It’s ready to pour on Monday. It will be ready for the heathens when the time comes for them to move outside. The only holdup is that I have not decided yet, but I am leaning towards putting a slab heater in that building, then when the weather turns snotty, they would still be toasty. The downside is that it means a hell of a lot of trenching. I have to decide before the truck shows up with the mud on Monday, so I guess I better get it figured out.

Our guest bitch is headed home on Saturday, I am quite sure there will be Mirlings in late December, judging by her behavior. Can’t wait to see the little devils, and I don’t have to whelp them! Still no sign of Sonnet coming in season, and Bo is out for the trial this weekend, she has a bad case of sand toe on an outside rear toe. Twice daily soaks and anti’s for her, so she can heal by the end of the month. She’s one I plan on taking to the Regionals. Sonnet, unfortunately, will not be going. Her nail injury last weekend was worse than expected. She ripped the entire nail, nail bed, vasculation and muscle attachments completely out, to the bone. There’s nothing left to suture, so time will have to heal it. She’s still on three legs, and not at all thrilled with her daily soaks and cleaning. By the time she heals, she will be in whelp, so she’s out for this season. Hemi’s pads have healed nicely, I will probably run him this weekend, with moleskin on those pads and wrapped to protect them. You can bet I will be watching him closely. He’s just such a big dog, he really torques those pads. Hard field + big dog + torqued turns=blown pads. Hopefully he will get his last single. Fingers crossed.

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