Ok, enough already. You folks with the diesel pickups. YOU ARE NOT A BIG RIG. Turn that rattling, stinking, noisy bastard off when you stop somewhere. I can promise you, it will start again. It’s a dinky little engine compared to the big boys, you don’t need a long warm up time, and that sumbitch doesn’t have the same needs as the big trucks. Stop living in a fantasy world that your vehicle is in any way equal to theirs. NO ONE likes to smell it, and I can guaran-damn-tee you that no one wants to hear it sit there and knock while you are fueling. Turn it off. Oh, and to the asshats who think their exhaust must be loud because it’s a diesel, it doesn’t need to be. All that does is make the rest of us wonder if you are compensating for a shortfall in your britches.

And while we are on the subject of fantasies………parents, your kid is not any cuter, smarter, or more special than the next. And regardless of what you think, it’s not in the least bit cute for little junior to act like an asshole while you claim “he has ADD, he’s autistic, he’s got the current disorder buzzword”. Give it a rest. While I am quite sure there are a few children out there who can legitimately claim ADD or autism, for the rest of you, it’s just an excuse. People act like there is something wrong with having a normal child, one that does not have the current popular “issue”. Am I the ONLY person out there who sees a correlation in the current “autism” bullshit as compared to the ADD/ADHD mass-hysteria of a few years ago? Same shit, different disorder. Wonder why we don’t see the high occurrences of these same problems in other industrialized nations? Children in the USA are 110% more likely to be on medication for some “disorder” than children in other equal nations. Parents, instead of looking for excuses and trying to be your kids best friend, BE A PARENT. It’s not always easy, sometimes there is actual discipline (GASP!) involved. If you are not going to do that, don’t subject the rest of us to your ill behaved brats. And remember, the world does not center around your spawn, period.

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2 Responses to Rant!

  1. Actually, any big rig built in the last 10-15 years or so doesn’t need to run all freakin night next to our poorly soundproofed (and poorly odor-proofed) motor home either! In fact it’s not good for the motor. But then, most truckers run on a lot lower wattage than the rest of us…..

  2. Most of them idle all night either for a/c or heat. The new end generators never caught on because of cost, and even on the newer rigs it was, and still is, cost prohibitive. The ex was OTR, been there, done that. Regardless, the little trucks do NOT need to sit and knock while they are fueling, not necessary. Of course, most of the asshats that own the little diesels use them as an extension of their anatomy, because they damn sure don’t use them.

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