More snapshots

Thanks again to Nancy, we got some lovely photos of the other kids I had at the trial. First up, here’s Booker (Celeritas Bell Book N Candle SC), littermate to Hay Luz in the last post. Bred by Nancy Hopkins:

He now has both of his AKC coursing majors, and I see a huge improvement in him every time he runs. The boy has speed, agility, and power. He should finish with ease.

Here is the elusive Flagg (FC Rose Hill Point Made SC FCH), somehow we convinced the perpetual motion machine to stand still long enough for a photo.

This boy impresses me every time he runs. Fast, keen, and focused. He has tons of bottom, and the heart and courage to go with it. He is the sire of Bean and Van Geaux, from the previous post.

This is my main man, Cuda (MBIF FC Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH). He has become more than I could have ever hoped for. Extremely fast, courageous on the kill, sports car acceleration and agility and bottom that goes on forever. He’s a most lethal dog, with a most delicious personality.

Were that I could clone him, I would. He’s a close to a perfect running machine as I have ever seen.

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