Thanks to Nancy Hopkins, Celeritas Borzoi, I have new photos of the terror twins Bean and Van Geaux, and Miss Busy Pants, aka Selene. First up, is Bean (Rose Hill See Mee Glide):

And her brother, Van Geaux (Rose Hill Classic Photo), aka Van GONE.

Both are in the geeky awkward stage, but are still quite lovely to the eye. And both show strong tendencies towards playing the running game. Van Geaux seems particularly enthusiastic, hence Van GONE.

Here is the lovely Selene (C’Lestial Ffemme Ffatale), aka Lena, aka Miss Busy Pants:

She is also in that very awkward stage, but shows real promise for the field as well. She had great fun schmoozing everyone at the trial, and made my day by letting me catch her with a minimum of fuss.

And this lovely lass is not one of mine, but she is a Mir daughter, bred by Nancy Hopkins, Celeritas Borzoi. She is out of Ravenwolf Midsummer Flyte LCM and DC Mielikki A Kind of Magic SC LCM SGRC ORC. Her name is Hay Luz, and she lacks two points for her AKC FCH.

More photos in the next post, and some mighty big breeder brags.

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