I have been getting some really annoying ass calls from some scam artist bastards trying to tell me my car warranty is about to expire. Yeah, right. I own three vehicles, none of which is newer than 1994, all of which have well over 100,000 miles on them. No warranty, not for a long time. I have tried telling these assholes to remove me from their calling list, hanging up, or not answering. If you get one of their low life people on the phone, they hang up on you as soon as they realize you aren’t going to play their game. Well, it started again early this morning………..the number on the caller ID is spoofed, it’s not the number they are really calling from. No way to find out who they really are and turn them in to the FCC. I decided that enough was enough. They want to screw with me, I am going to return the favor. Now, remember, almost all of the call center jockeys wear headsets, to leave their hands free for typing. I decided that a bit of dirty pool was in order, so I went out and got myself one of those little air horns in a can. The next call that came in from the same folks, I waited to speak to a real person, they asked for the make and model of the car, and I told them to hang on while I got my paperwork. Now, you don’t really think I was getting paperwork, do you? Nope, it just gave me enough time to step out the door with my handy dandy air horn in a can. I then asked the person if they were still there, yep, they were. I cut loose with the air horn, the profanities coming from the phone were quite amusing. It took two of their phone calls to get the point across.

Now, before you start writing me. These folks KNOW what they are doing is illegal. As soon as you ask who they are and what company they work for, they hang up on you, or cuss you out then hang up on you. They got what they deserved. And if they call me again, you can bet I will blast them off of my phone again. I am sick of these crooked bastards pulling this shit. You can search the internet and find thousands of folks who have been harassed over and over by these same jackasses. You folks out there that are getting these calls, get yourself an air horn, play along with them until you can step outside, then blow their eardrums out. The calls will stop. The folks who are doing this kind of crap are a bit stupid, but even stupid people will learn when they receive a painful correction for bad behavior. They are scam artists, and as such deserve to be punished. They are calling from a spoofed line, trying to sell a product that doesn’t exist. It’s nothing but identity theft, as well as preying on folks who might not know that you don’t get a warranty on an old car, they just take the money and run. If everyone kept an air horn by their phone, and USED it, this shit would stop. Telescammers beware, there are plenty of folks like me who have had enough, and are going to fight back. Either learn or go deaf. Either way, stop calling me.

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1 Response to It WORKS!

  1. April :-) says:

    Sherita,YOU ROCK!

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