Just random crap

A big shout out and thanks to the guy that works for me. You gave me your damned head cold. Thanks, a lot. I really needed something else to go with the allergies I am already dealing with. Sneezing and itchy eyes weren’t enough, now I have enough stuff pouring out of my nose and down my throat to just flood the Sahara. And what’s with this headache that won’t go away? Did you give me that as well? Your ass best be staying home Monday.

This wind sucks ass. It’s cold and nasty and miserable. And it makes my job harder than it has to be. Go away, and take your sneezy nose-itchy eyes dust with you.

To the dink in line at Wally World today. Your card was declined, three times. Arguing with the cashier won’t make it suddenly get approved. Get your shit out of the way and stop with the prima donna act. The rest of us have better things to do than listen to you bitch and moan. Move. Now.

And the random thought for the day. If you suck at lure operation, people will bitch about it, and rightfully so. If you bury dogs in the corners and fling them off onto the judges, people will bitch, and rightfully so. You will also hurt the entry numbers, because certain people will no longer come to trials when they see your name on the PL. Just stop. And you know you suck, because you have heard the complaints, but you prefer to think those dog owners are just stupid. They aren’t. And they won’t run under you again. Please, PLEASE……….go shadow a good lure op, learn what you are doing…………you don’t know what you are doing, and it’s inevitable that you will injure a dog at some point in the future. Step away from the button. You are putting dogs at risk, and you are putting a club at risk as well.

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled program, and my sick ass is headed back to bed. Nite.

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