Cookin’ with gas

Turkey day is tomorrow. I have been in the kitchen all day preparing my part of the feast that will take place at my Dads house tomorrow. Ham, dressing, cole slaw, potato salad, pumpkin pie and jello salad. Sheesh, we should have just had it here. And no pre-holiday can go off without a hitch……….so we sprang a water leak in the midst of cooking and cleaning up. A BIG one. That was interesting, but thankfully it’s fixed. Of course, I did have “other” obstacles while cooking. Mir decided to play road block when it became evident that I had no intention of letting him grab things off the counter…….

And Sara decided to try the age old tactic of “look how pitiful I am”. No, she didn’t get to grab anything either. Phoenix took the opportunity to sprawl on the bed while her sister was making goo goo eyes at me, so Sara had reason to be doubly upset.

I have much to be Thankful for, but mostly I am thankful that the two crazy old bats that hired me to put in their utility services decided that I was too expensive for their blood. They decided they didn’t need me anymore…….wonder if they will ever figure out that my prices were high because I did not want to work for them? One of them talked in circles and apparently had a low I.Q., since I had to repeat everything fifty times. The other was apparently a mute, since I never heard a word from her. Think about how frustrating it would be to explain the install procedure for new electrical service, including meter can, weatherhead, service line, main disconnect and service panel, line and load, wire size requirements……..etc, etc, etc. Now, go over the SAME DAMNED THING every five minutes for an hour………..repeat daily. Oh, now they are going to ruin me and tell everyone how mean I am. A bit late, since every single person who has had any contact with them has wanted to run screaming down the road. Good luck with that ruining thing. I just hope to hell they have lost my phone number. I have many good customers, I don’t need batty, whiny customers who lack comprehension of the most simple of things. I also have way more work than I can handle, so I don’t need or want irritation. Of course, the fellow they hired to do the plumbing doesn’t seem to have a copy of the National Plumbing Code, since he is putting the water and sewer lines about two feet apart. Boy, won’t they be in for a surprise when they don’t get their water turned on after inspection………….NPC specifically states that fresh and discharge lines must have a minimum of nine feet of separation. Whoops. It’s gonna really bite to have to pay to have one of those lines moved. I coulda told them about the NPC codes, cept I don’t work there anymore. Darn.

The zebras have two eggs in their nest now. She will probably lay about four more, then get busy brooding them. Probably another week and the societies will hatch. Little nekkid baby birdies. I will try for some photos. The Gouldians have now started to nest, and I saw the male giving a little courtship display yesterday. They are probably too young to actually manage this year, but it sure is cute to watch. Hey Julie…………….I love them to pieces :). Also, I found a mate for the Cordon Bleu, she comes home next week.

Here’s wishing everyone out there a Happy Thanksgiving. I will have the feast with my Dad and his girlfriend Sara, then come home and head out for the Regionals weekend in Decatur. For those who are going to be on the road to see family and friends, safe travels.

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3 Responses to Cookin’ with gas

  1. Flatlander says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from ours to yours…safe travlin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Sheita, I love you and am thankful for such a sweet and wonderful friend!!! Continue to enjoy your birdies….. love Julie

  3. April :-) says:

    Love seeing Mire the road block, he is still my favorite boy…so handsome. Enjoy a blessed and safe Thanksgiving and safe travels to you too. Good luck at the show, I can’t wait to hear how you did. Also, would love to see pics of your new birds, they sound pretty.

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