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Thanks to Nancy Hopkins, Celeritas Borzoi, I have new photos of the terror twins Bean and Van Geaux, and Miss Busy Pants, aka Selene. First up, is Bean (Rose Hill See Mee Glide): And her brother, Van Geaux (Rose Hill … Continue reading

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Small AKC trial in Cleburne today, TVRRCOT. Three opens were entered, and Hemi was first for that last needed point, to complete his AKC Dual Championship! The moleskin and taping held up well, and protected his thin rear pads, they … Continue reading

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Ok, enough already. You folks with the diesel pickups. YOU ARE NOT A BIG RIG. Turn that rattling, stinking, noisy bastard off when you stop somewhere. I can promise you, it will start again. It’s a dinky little engine compared … Continue reading

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I know, I know

I have been remiss in posting pictures of the babes. Up until now, they resembled guinea pigs, so it was pretty pointless. Now, they look like dogs…………little squirmy dogs that won’t stand still. I hope to get photos tomorrow, when … Continue reading

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Much to do

And now I have to deal with an asshole as well. I have decided to slab in my dog shelters. It will just make life much easier to have a hard surface floor inside them. Every year the dogs dig … Continue reading

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What a weekend!

Left out Thursday morning headed over to the LKC trial in Bush, Louisana. That’s one mother of a long drive, just over 13 hours. The beautiful scenery more than made up for it. I have never been into deep southern … Continue reading

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