The weatherman says the low tonite will be 25. I think they forgot to look at the damned thermometer, since it’s already *20*, not yet midnight, and the sky is a clear as can be. It’s going to keep dropping, and once again they are wrong. Sometimes I wonder what kind of test you have to pass to be a weatherman…….

And yes, I know it gets MUCH colder in some places, that’s why I don’t live there. I have an intense dislike of the cold, and when it gets below 40 I get downright cranky. When shit starts freezing, I turn into the bitch from hell. I am simply not the least bit enamored with freezing anything. Particularly if it going to involve me in any way, shape, form or fashion. At least I shouldn’t have any frozen lines this time, I think I have everything buttoned up good and tight, we will soon find out, unfortunately.

When I fed tonite, the puppies all came streaming out of their warm shelter, made it about 10 feet, and reversed course. 8 little heads peeking out of the doorway. They know to stay in out of the cold. Me, not so much. Haul water to the dogs, haul food to the dogs, haul firewood inside. I feel like a pack mule. A COLD pack mule.

Ready for Spring now, thankyouverymuch. And I just KNOW what kind of calls will be hitting in the morning. Tomorrow will be a miserable day of crawling under houses and thawing lines, or worse yet crawling under houses in the freezing cold mud and water and repairing ruptured lines. Maybe I will just stay in bed and pretend I am not here.

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