A few updates to the website. I added a new picture for Shelby (BIF Rosehill Shelby Cobra v Shiloh JC FCH).

New photos were also added for
Booker (Celeritas Bell Book N Candle SC),
Hemi (DC Rose Hill GTX Super Stock SC),
Cuda (MBIF Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH), and
Flagg (FC Rose Hill Point Made SC FCH).

And photos of practice runs by
Van Geaux (Rose Hill Classic Photo) and
Bean (Rose Hill See Mee Glide).

And we wonder why some lure operators don’t like running the Borzoi. The lure is actually headed to the left, but they decided to divide and conquer before this picture was taken. Damned lure didn’t cooperate.

And I have now had TWO bitches come in season at less than a year old. Selene at 11 months and Bean at 10 months. WTF??? My girls rarely come in before they are two. Selene’s dam didn’t come in this early, neither did Beans. Just weird as all hell. And of course Sonnet is NOT in season, which figures.

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1 Response to Updates

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME photo's Sherita!!!! my favorite is Flagg's picture, he's sure a cool lookin' dog, the pups look great! can't wait to see them and for you to see Baron–have a wonderful holiday & Dennis and I send best wishes to you and your family for a GREAT New Year! Colleen

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