The vehicles are conspiring against me, again. I had plans for hunting in January. Not anymore. The rear end went on the work truck today, requiring the services of a great big wrecker ($$$$$) and a great big mechanic (more $$$$$). Even better, it will require that the rear end be dropped out from under the truck and taken to a drive train specialist in Fort Worth for a complete rebuild since it is a HD rear end and not your normal little dinky ring and pinion. Lovely. And just to frost the cake I hit some trash in the road on the way to get dog food and flattened two tires on the minivan. Since it was two tires, I required road service in the form of a tire truck. Great, more $$$$$. I think I am going to hide under the bed now. I am almost afraid to start the big van, who knows what might go wrong there. Makes me want to just run down the street barking and ripping my hair out. Gotta find that shitbird that is flying overhead and eliminate his ass. And don’t even ask me about the dishwasher that crapped out on Christmas day. Yes, it was mine. And yes, I fixed it. Just what I wanted to do on my day off. Dammit.

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