Watch out for the boogeyman!

When I pulled in the driveway today, all I could hear was the dogs in the number two paddock sounding off like mad. When I finally angled around the van to see what the racket was about, they were milling around the fence, barking at something on the ground. Since it’s too cold for snakes, I knew that couldn’t be it. And since I killed a porcupine last week, that was my main concern. Grab the gun and head out to see what the issue is. Guess what my great hunting hounds were after……….what they were protecting my pasture from? A great big old red eared turtle. You gotta watch them turtles, they could be up to no good. Goofy damn dogs. I suspect that the tank the turtle was in had dried up, and it was on the hunt for a new home. The dogs were quite sure that the armored critter was up to evil. I finally gave up and just moved the damn thing so they would shut up. Dangerous dog eating turtles, good grief, what’s next?

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