Bird update

Let’s see. The societies are getting ready to wean their three babies. All three are cresteds, cuties for sure. One each……chocolate pied, chestnut pied and fawn pied. They will soon be on their own. One of my zebra pairs laid their first egg today, and I have another pair of zebras and a pair of societies that have some heavy duty construction going on in the nest. One of the pairs of cut throats has removed all the material from their nest box and are now remodeling. My Gouldian hen is going into moult, so I have separated her and the cock for the time being. And it looks like my Florida Fancies are taking a shine to each other. Now if the Cordon Bleus would just get with the program . Bill reported that his Orange Breasted waxbills are into nest mode as well. Those are going to be some TINY babies. And his pair of societies………..ain’t, LOL. Two males is what he has, but I bet I have a hen in my fledglings that can be paired up with his normal male when she is old enough. And I think I will get a pair of orange cheek waxbills, just for the cute factor. Boids, I haz them.

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