Wrong, again

The weather jerks are wrong yet again. They say it is 30 degrees outside right now. Bullshit. My waterhoses are already frozen solid, and this just happened since the sun went down. Either someone needs glasses, or they need a new thermometer. At least the winds finally laid down, it was just unreal today. And I watched a west Texas dust storm roll in from the northwest, looked like a big cloud bank, but you knew it wasn’t. Let the sneezing and coughing begin. Everything is now covered in a fine layer of dust. The housekeeper is going to have one hell of a job on Tuesday.
And I have to figure out how to get one of my bed sheets out of the 65′ pecan tree in the back yard. I was a bit slow on getting them off the line when this front came in, and it just flew right off the line and up in the tree. Absolutely no idea how to get it down. Maybe if I wait for the wind to switch to the south……………

One day left on puppy watch. Hope I get that call tonite. Since this is Mirs last litter I am hoping for a nice litter of lovely puppies, and an easy whelp. And I am still waiting on Sonnet. Sigh.

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