Take a look

Wander over to the Hare Brained Express blog and check out his pic of my bathroom. It’s much better than any I could have taken. I think his camera has magic settings or something. While you are wandering about, go take a look at his other photos, you can see them HERE. He’s a master with his camera, should you ever be so lucky as to have him at one of your trials, you’d best save your dosh, because you are going to want to spend it at the Hare Brained Express photo table.

Now, I have to get off this thing and get busy loading the van. Of course, I have to UNload it first. Sigh. Too much crap, not enough places to put it.

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1 Response to Take a look

  1. We..belong.. to a mu-tu-alll…Ad-my-ray-shun so-ci-eh-teeba-ba-bababa….

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