You have GOT to be kidding

Yesterday it was a balmy 55. Tonite it is 21 freakin degrees, sleet, freezing rain and a little snow. The weather this year is making me crazy. I never know if I will need a coat or shorts……or both on the same day. It almost makes me long for Summer. At least then I know what the weather will be like. Hotter than hell with a chance of severe storms.

My truck door is frozen shut, all elevated surfaces are frozen solid, it’s just nasty. I did get one giggle today from our new up-the-road neighbors. The went in the ditch this evening, slid right off the road. What’s funny is they are from NY and THOUGHT they knew how to drive in this crap. They know how to drive on snow, they haven’t got a clue how to drive on frozen ball bearings. Thankfully they didn’t tear anything up, and I was able to get the tractor started and extricate their car. Bet they stay home until the weather clears, and I also bet that the next time they are warned to stay off the roads unless necessary they will heed that warning. They are going to need to un-learn everything they know about driving in shitty conditions. Sleet on the road is unlike anything else that you might encounter. Not only is it slippery, but it will shift and send you sliding into the ditch. I can drive on ice, I can drive on snow, and I can normally drive on sleet covered roads………….but not always. Tis best to just stay home if you can.

I had to go to work today, but the bathroom from hell is DONE. Tomorrow will be nothing more than sitting by the fire, since we are supposed to get another inch of ice and sleet tonite. Have plenty of dog and critter food laid in, lots of firewood, and a pot of beans soaking for tomorrow. I don’t care what the weather does, we are ready for it here. And I hope that spring is just around the corner.

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