The freakshow continues

The weather needs a valium or something. Got up this morning to a thick icy layer on everything. Screw that, I decided to stay home. Schools were closed, as was pretty much everything else. I did get out about eleven and slid my way to the post office. That was enough to convince me to stay home. When the work truck decides that diagonal is just as good as straight, it’s time to hang it up.

I do have a job to go look at tomorrow…………..naturally, it’s another roof. A steep roof. Seems there are no other kinds right now. I need suction cups on my ass. At least it’s not under a house, for a change. Also gotta fire the welder up for the next job in line, welding up a storage area inside a metal carport. nothing hard about that. And I actually like welding, so it will be kinda fun.

In a couple of weeks I have another major remodel kicking off, yet another bathroom. This one will be a blast tho, the homeowners have turned me loose with the tile work. They just said “make it look fantastic”. That I can do. I wish I could get things set up so that tile was all I did. There is just something about taking a blank canvas and turning it into a functional thing of beauty that is just fascinating to me. And I just love working with tile. All you have to do is take one look at my bathroom to realize how much I like it. I would have the whole house in tile if I could get away with it, but I am on a pier and beam foundation, so that is not going to happen. Bah.

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1 Response to The freakshow continues

  1. Anonymous says:

    careful around your roofing job with all that ice. We are having the same CRAZY weather here in NE! snow,feezing rain, yesterday temps up in the 50’s (which is unheard of for us this time of year), more freezing rain, low temps last night, now ALL is a sheet of ice-CT

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